Spiritual Life Coaching Kelowna

Spiritual life coaching is about shifting your energy and allowing you to move forward in your life with a sense of empowerment.

We generally seek coaching when we're at a crossroads with our career, love, past relationships, and life experiences that are holding us back.

During our one-on-one sessions, we will identify & unroot the blocks in your life and help you find clarity so you can move forward with confidence.

A woman holding both her hands in the air with gratitude.


The Grateful Medium, in Kelowna, offers 3 life coaching packages; 3 sessions for $675, 5 Sessions for $1125 and 8 sessions for $1800. All sessions will be held over the phone or by video call (via messenger or WhatsApp), and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly


3 sessions - $670
5 sessions - $1120
8 sessions - $1800