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Laurel Denise - Kelowna Psychic

Laurel is an internationally acclaimed Medium and Channel whose gifts have inspired thousands of people around the world to rediscover their purpose. She has been referred to as a “True Guiding Light,” as she supports people to move through the uncertainty of life’s challenges and unexpected occurrences.

Laurel came to understand that her gifts and abilities could be used to exact magical moments of immediate transformation and change in the lives of seekers who were engaged in their personal healing journey’s.

Laurel brings a compassionate, uplifting and light-hearted approach to her work that allows people to feel deeply accepted and seen as they endeavour to gain understanding for their life circumstances. Using the gift of humour helps her bring people into the present moment where they can fearlessly find their voice and move beyond any blocks or resistance to speaking their truths.

Laurel was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada and she is on a mission to empowering souls on their journey.

Discover more about Laurel and how she can illuminate your path at Grateful Medium. For bookings, consultations, parties, or workshops, connect with her directly via email: laurel@gratefulmedium.ca.

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What is Mediumship?

A Medium is a person who is able to sense the presence of a nonphysical entity, either through the physical senses or by way of thoughts and impressions conveyed by the entity.

This nonphysical information is spiritual energy that is emanated by entities living beyond the veil.

Mediumship is the act and process of conveying this energy into the physical realm

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What is spiritual life coaching?

Spiritual life coaching is about shifting your energy and allowing you to move forward in your life with a sense of empowerment.

We generally seek coaching when we are at a crossroads with our career, love, past relationships, and life experiences that are holding us back. During our one-on-one sessions, we will identify & unroot the blocks in your life and help you find clarity so you can move forward with confidence.


“Laurel's guidance over the years has been such a gift and l'm so blessed to know her. She is a beautiful person - authentic and genuine. She's witty and humorous and always see the good in everything. Her vision is so crystal clear and her ability to be able to tap into your spirit guides is so comforting. My husband and I have found great comfort and guidance knowing and speaking with Laurel over the years. In our darkest moments, Laurel has shown us our light. We are forever grateful for the gift and guidance Laurel shares. She is a true friend and a beautiful soul.”

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Francesca Serafini

“I feel blessed to have Laurel in my life and met her 3 years ago in Lethbridge after my Dad passed away. Her special gift has been so important along my own healing journey that I feel without a doubt that my Dad guided her my way.”

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“I love Laurel! I treasure her sense of humour and compassion for life that she displays so freely. Laurel has supported me to be all that i am in a clear and direct way, offering me objectivity about my life issues i could not otherwise have.”

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Peggy Jean

“Thanks to Laurel my life is better. I have learned to connect with the other side and to reconnect with my self. She is an inspiritation to everyone she come in contact with. a true guiding light I thank you. God Bless and Light to all”

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“I was able to connect with my grandmother who passed away through Laurel, and it has been comforting to know that she is looking over me. Laurel also provided me with specific information about my career and educational journey, gave insights into my personal life and relationships, and even named a couple of streets and dates that connect to my story! She clearly sees the future and everything she tells me always comes true. Thank you, Laurel!”

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Nataliia Kudryk

“I am so grateful that I met Laurel. I have had several readings with her, and everything she tells me happens! Other than being clearly psychic, she is also so caring and really funny! A session with her is both delightful and comforting! Highly recommended!”

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Sue L

Our experience with Laurel was not only spot on but very inspirational. She has read several of our family members all of which walked away with the same response “how could she have known that” - Laurel is very insightful and offers so much more than just your typical reading. She is truly gifted and we plan on seeing her again very soon.

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Michael Launer

We have been seeing Laurel for over nine years. It is quite amazing how accurate her readings are. She is inspiring and such a genuine soul. She is truly a blessing. I have met many in the past and no one compares to her gift and abilities.

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ACME Products

Laurel is truly gifted and connected. She gets right to it with no frills or “woo woo”, she gave us clarity and some curiosity for us yet to explore. I’m glad we took the chance and definitely will recommend her to our friends.

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Cindy Edgson

There are no words to describe my experience with Laurel. Answers to the most complex questions I’ve needed answers to for the longest time. Incredibly moving and informative. Highly Highly recommend this amazing woman. 10 out 5 stars. Cannot wait for my next meeting with her.

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Shawna Byers

I had an amazing experience with Laurel. She exceeded my expectations by far. She is so very warm and kind and makes you feel comfortable. I will see her again in the future. It is a must!

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Danielle Martin

Laurel is a genuine soul. From the moment I entered my appointment I felt her sincerity and genuine care for my well-being. My reading was more than I could have hoped for and it brought me so much peace. I left feeling so uplifted and hopeful for my future. Thank you Laurel, I am so very grateful to have met you.

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Jennifer L
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