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"We’re always an answer to somebody’s prayers"

The universe is magnificent, and when you open up to all it has to offer there is a flood of knowledge.

The end result for me has been an outward sharing of the most beautiful of gifts.

As a Psychic Medium, in Kelowna, I have been blessed and with this blessing comes the responsibility to teach and educate all that seek me out.


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Connect with loved ones through a Private Reading, Group Reading, Telephone Reading, or Email Reading, and allow spirits to provide you with answers and/or validation, bringing you peace and comfort.

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Life Coaching

One-on-one sessions, where we will identify & unroot the blocks in your life and help you find clarity so you can move forward with confidence


“Thanks to Laurel my life is better. I have learned to connect with the other side and to reconnect with my self. She is an inspiritation to everyone she come in contact with. a true guiding light I thank you. God Bless and Light to all”

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“Laurel's guidance over the years has been such a gift and l'm so blessed to know her. She is a beautiful person - authentic and genuine. She's witty and humorous and always see the good in everything. Her vision is so crystal clear and her ability to be able to tap into your spirit guides is so comforting. My husband and I have found great comfort and guidance knowing and speaking with Laurel over the years. In our darkest moments, Laurel has shown us our light. We are forever grateful for the gift and guidance Laurel shares. She is a true friend and a beautiful soul.”

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Francesca Serafini


“I feel blessed to have Laurel in my life and met her 3 years ago in Lethbridge after my Dad passed away. Her special gift has been so important along my own healing journey that I feel without a doubt that my Dad guided her my way.”

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“I was able to connect with my grandmother who passed away through Laurel, and it has been comforting to know that she is looking over me. Laurel also provided me with specific information about my career and educational journey, gave insights into my personal life and relationships, and even named a couple of streets and dates that connect to my story! She clearly sees the future and everything she tells me always comes true. Thank you, Laurel!”

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Nataliia Kudryk


“I love Laurel! I treasure her sense of humour and compassion for life that she displays so freely. Laurel has supported me to be all that i am in a clear and direct way, offering me objectivity about my life issues i could not otherwise have.”

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Peggy Jean


“I am so grateful that I met Laurel. I have had several readings with her, and everything she tells me happens! Other than being clearly psychic, she is also so caring and really funny! A session with her is both delightful and comforting! Highly recommended!”

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Sue L


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